Posted: Thursday, 14 February 2008 | Posted by k | Labels: ,

i am very unsure. this morning i just wanted to post this for all those happy singletons out there to have their own private moment of roses and lips.
everything would have been nice.

but now, i cannot believe what i've found in the popular german student plattform studivz. i am still rubbing my eyes. i am still rubbing my stomach (can there be something in between laughter and puking?)
have a good look. i won't take any responsibility. no. they get bigger when you click on them...

oh joy. and it's only thursday. but there's beer in the fridge. speaking of the fridge. perhaps it is because i am so terribly fri(d)gid that i think the above a little irritating. you know, kinda i don't wanna know that specific ... but i guess i wanted to share it with you.

and another pun which i thought irritating as well: when speaking about criteria that determine ones life in german you can speak of 'kriterien'. now think about a chinese person and the difficulty of pronouncing 'r'. so 'kriterien' becomes 'kliterien'. unfortunately i can't quote exactly but it was interesting to hear (and with a chinese accent, too) somebody speaking of how the kleitorizein (greek for tickle and clitoris derives from there) determines life. yes, your clit determines your life. (anyhow, it was not in a funny context, so i better don't laugh).