sweeney todd

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visually sweeney todd from its very first frame (i loved the opening credits in all its abstraction) was an immense pleasure for me.
i adored alan rickman's voice and it seemed obvious to us that he used the same timbre as in the potter-films. shivers... i loved one line that sweeney todd said whilst holding up his new/old razors: "At last! My arm is complete again!" it seems interesting that additionally to all the visual keys of him being 'different' he considers himself incomplete when without a prosthesis. screams very loud in one certain direction, does it not. not that i put in words so eloquently, but the last scene, i totally agree with fe, seems to be a reversed pièta and was just beautiful beyond words. the same goes for helena bonham carter - very yummy and tragically funny.

i loved how the innocent, be it thought or thing or living being, was practically erased (see: erase, raze, razor) from the plot ...
i found it mildly disturbing that i couldn't watch the ads before the movie itself without analysing their potential misogynistic attitude. so, my hidden creeping radicalisation, as wb put it, seems obvious to me now, too. well, but perhaps i will never be fundamental and radical.

i so loved being in the cinema!

i also watched pan's labyrinth in a very poor quality but very much enjoyed it. somehow 'the fantastic' has found a very solid base in my heart and is a source of constant stimulation and pleasure which is good. there should be more magic. which, quite obviously, is why i bought a sweater that looks very glittery, see here:

re: misogynistic or magic. not too much thereof in germany's next topmodel, sadly lacking glitter and magic and disturbing grace, at least when the first episode. it seems to be turning into another dsds (well, it never was anything else, i know!) what with forcing people to commit ridiculing crimes. i very much am for sandra at the moment but do think that jennifer and raquel are cool and i am so curious about what happens to gina lisa, seriously.


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  2. two things:
    erasing the innocent - and also erasing any kind of "family" from the plot. i really liked this pessimistic view of sweeney todd, perfectly ignoring the only couple left in the end.
    second: if you'd told me that the new sweater was one step towards bringing more magic into life, i definately would have appreciated it more!
    for magic, glittering fantasy and music ...