manifesto for the dada of the cyborg-embrio

Posted: Thursday, 21 February 2008 | Posted by k | Labels: , ,

"|...| s/hit is a natural narcissist (pleasurable self-therapy through self-eroticism & sex) as the psyche has to accomodate for loss-of-form, fear of transformation:
identity= CLOUD of the most probable whereabouts

|...| loss and becoming are part of one process: mutilation is loss&becoming at the same time: lose an arm>become a fountain, get blown to pieces>get a new shape, get killed>become eatable left-overs"

i adored the cloud. and i guess that splatter is just another way of accepting and being honest with each other. hans a. scheirl who wrote these words above and has this manifesto published in the eight technologies of otherness, ed. by sue (or johnny) golding, by whom i, incidentally, was utterly impressed, is a painter/filmmaker living in london who did the film dandy dust >>>

now cy know.


nothing much happened.

indeed, the 'nothing much' just 34 minutes ago was bruce darnell's styling show which is just booooring. it's ridiculous, really. and it's not so so bad that it would be funny.

much time today was spent with reading beatriz preciado and trying to grasp the dildo, literally (... lol), which was not so bad, really. i would not say, by all means, i understand everything she writes, but some of her thoughts about the technologies of sex seem interesting to me and i loved how her text worked. it also made me laugh at certain points, especially those connected to kellog. if you wanna know, go buy the manifesto contrasexual. or watch this (so sorry, nothing about kellog here):