"ich möchte lieber nicht"

Posted: Thursday, 14 February 2008 | Posted by k | Labels: , , ,

i watched romero's "dawn of the dead" this morning after a healthy breakfast. everything stayed inside and i seriously have to rethink my attidtude towards horrormovies. it was very interesting, not at all unintelligent, in my humble opinion anyways. i cannot properly understand why they've put it on the index.

o, and lately there was "damage" on the telly. i so love jeremy irons, he makes my knees all melty and my heart all beaty ... (and i must confess my continued support of whimisicality) - there was this line which anna barton (juliette binoche) said to stephen flemming (jeremy irons): "Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive." i pretty much agree and hoped it would be otherwise. because we have to at least try to understand that not one single action takes place without damaging or violencing somebody or something. we're all elephants in a fucking big shop of fragile items that just scream of being shattered. but they're not breaking apart. nobody breaks apart. they're just moving millimeters. it seems allright. fine. but nothing is in place. and a bomb begins to tick. it might never explode literally. but still, we need to consider that this hideous violence in all our doings and relations to the world makes the world shift slightly. but they'll get back to you. they always will. even if it is just by the fact of putting up no signals when you're heading towards a cliff. guess what, cliffhangers are just for films.

and another film with juliette binoche i've only just recently seen was michael haneke's "caché" - you have to see it, that's really all there is to say. such tension, such brutal force of deconstructing 'realities', such brilliant acting and so little to do but accept failure and face responsibilities. amazing, also from a point of the film's filmic properties. brilliant.

tonight there was a lecture of one young dramaturg in some semi-shady place called wahlkreis in semi-shady mitte on reinhardtstraße (just no semi-shady blonde with me, but two brunettes who could easily be taken as my relatives) with kurt beck and die grauen panther at the wall (it was an event hosted by sdw, look that up and imagine the crowd, you might get a (however 'right') impression). he, the guy speaking, is doing his dissertation thesis on love and intrigue in harry potter which he also spoke about. i was, unfortunately, quite bored and wondering why he even has an (art)university diploma related to theatre when he obviously had no idea about his own effect apart from being the smartass. (he went to court for getting 1.0! he sued until everybody was pissed of with him. incidentally and speaking of ass, i have been on the loo when he was, too, which was funny). no, he made an effort which was done to no good effect to me. i guess, it pretty much showed that he attended carl hegemann's courses, what with quoting himself, schiller, goffman and wagnerian stuff. well, he said he was always compared to harry potter and his boss, some female minister from some unnamed ministery (where he was working some unspecified period), to dumbledore, that he started reading the books then and now likes harry best. i am really too much into severus snape to be prepared for discussion on that specific aspect of the potterverse. i mean, seriously ...