i am concerned and i wonder

Posted: Sunday, 10 February 2008 | Posted by k | Labels: , , ,

it is due to whatever reason that i am spending hours not doing 'rational' things. well, but still, there is not not thinking about what i encounter which is good somehow, i guess. so here we go with some of the nicest things i have read recently and it makes me sick:

i especially like the 'female intern' part.
ann is very good at outing homosexual politicians. perhaps that is a good job i could go for, too. she called al gore a 'total fag'. and she knows that bill clinton 'may not be gay', but stated the opposite which was not based on personal experience but is a joke, as known in publishing.
i so not not not love her! what do you think of her? (she has nice hair btw, really need to send her a note asking where she's having it done, maybe i can be her female intern and accompany her to all things hair and beauty connected and be a little comfort in such horrid times)
and - there is chris crocker and his trying to make public the homophobia on youtube. which is a huge controversy at the moment and all the comments he receives can make you sick, i promise. so if you wanna be sick check the comments to his vids. some of my favourites:

you haven't checked on chris crocker? well, shame, really. due to that you have now missed the internet boyfriend search, but you can still watch the response vids. funny anyway, vid is gone but response still there. is it like the unoriginated origin of things? wow, like there are traces, too.
incidentally, one of the other things i did, was reading high quality literature and now know that the movie is better than the book. congratulations to the storyliners of bridget jones. but, anyways, i was stuck reading rabidly and feel older than my identity card tells me due to being able to identify with so much older lunatic spinster. now it's finished and i can keep on wondering and later watch insect porn with darling isabella. i am so looking forward to seeing her. unquotable sources even speak of scarlett attending the opening. if you wonder, which is alright - when the wonder is gone there is no more child in you to keep on exploring - the arsenal, the berlinale and green porn.
oh joy, yesterday's nightie outie was nice, got advances from 60 year old crumply face and wondered. also there was some creating of new words with ruc and jk. i would love to keep in mind the 'metavulväre genouille' which obviously derives from einer hinterfotzigen, das genieren erhöhenden unangenehmen situation wie in der scheiße stecken (aka bredouille) which can easily be translated. but i won't.