everything is illuminated

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i am again at the bottom of an unstoppable wheel, and when i feel my eyes close for death, as they have and will a thousand times, i awake. (39)

the shtetl was painted with the doings of its citizens, and since every color was used - except for that of the counter, of course - it was impossible to tell what had been touched by human hands and what was as it was because it was as it was. (200)

i must inform you, jonathan, that i am very sad person. i am always sad, i think. perhaps this signifies that i am not sad at all, because sadness is something lower than your normal disposition, and i am always the same thing. perhaps i am the only person in the world, then, who never becomes sad. perhaps i am lucky. (227)

and so it was when everyone tried to speak: their minds would become tangled in remembrance. words became floods of thought with no beginning or end, and would drown the speaker before he could reach the life raft of the point he was trying to make. it was impossible to remember what one meant, what, after all of the words, was intended. (261)


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  2. This book is simply and basically one giant genius quote!