oh bliss

Posted: Saturday, 17 January 2009 | Posted by k | Labels: , , 0 comments

two excellent new records on the shelf ...

the froosh's new lp the empyrean leaked. it is brilliant. oh so brilliant. so conceptual. so perfectly mastered. so brilliantly played. so brilliant. so surprisingly surprising.

to think how brilliant can one bass-line be: dark light

to cry with: song to the siren - what a cover!

antony and the johnsons' the crying light is difficult and beautiful. somehow and that seems weird the old material from the debut is rougher and edgier but still resonates within me far more than these songs here. it seems that the development through i am a bird now was to have structures that are most definitely less edgy. also i am not sure about the whole environment things to be perfectly honest. but - this is not to say that it is not beautiful. i think it is. but it needs replay, lots of replay. strangely enough. ha! and i will see them live in edinburgh :)

besides new music there are many things. many indeed.

i work with the forum expanded of the berlinale this year.

and - next weekend 23rd til 25th the margins student conference will take place at the institute for theatre studies at fu berlin. program on paradisaical states (paradiesische zustände) is online here. i will show an installation sui_site or how to disappear completely. please come and be with us.

that for now.

Posted: Sunday, 4 January 2009 | Posted by k | Labels: 4 comments

what began a drizzle leaves me bloody drenched now. i rather went to where there was only sun. i rather went to where there was no "i told you to", i rather went to where i wasn't going before. i never was on mars. no fools. no sailing. i could just go there. sail there. but there, unmistakably, is drenching rain. can i be on mars drenched? can i go to beauty shattered as i feel? never did this writing feel further away. i need to leave the drizzle.

you're totally beating up the wrong guy if you think that i have bad intentions. obviously.