seasoning reason or "i love you. i want to have your abortion."

Posted: Monday, 15 September 2008 | Posted by k | Labels: , ,

when i came back today from work i was having a little walk through reuterkiez and then sesamkiez and then my place of which i don't know any name. i came to realize, again, i might add, that both reuter and sesam are full of seasoning. and you might very well think it's a change of season why should there not be a seasoning in the air. you are so wrong. not air. no. floor. down on the streets there is loads of ripped little packings of seasoning for your very own ramen noodles dish. i wonder why and how that can be? i mean, obviously, we are not so much of a hyper-sophisticated city that allows citizens to boil water on the street, as of yet. how come there is seasoning packings all over? mistaking them for other packings or wrappings? nope. checked like 10 of them. all seasoning. so, maybe, there is a kind of art-project involved? i mean, how? i can understand crisps or gums packings, i can, but, seriously, seasoning for ramen noodles?!

well, i had my very own noodles today, they've been dipped in coconut-chili-ginger-peanut-etc.pp. and they've been yummy.

and what's wrong with the weather? thank god for lacan or i would have frozen my bollocks off although i am sitting here wrapped like an onion. reason tells me - turn the heat on - sod off, it's september, other part of reason replies.

well, been also cocooning myself with icelandic music, and if that is not warming i don't know what should be.

i've been watching quills and was a bit disappointed frankly speaking. well, but i don't like kate winslet anyhow, so that was to be expected.

read deleuze, too. and some more lovely žižek, so two quotes for tonight, whereas the first one (the parts in inverted commas) would actually be palahniuk, i presume:

„i love you. i want to have your abortion.“ this, and not the proverbial „i want to have your child“, is the ultimate expression of love: the gesture of sacrificing the offspring and thus asserting the love relationship as the absolute end-in-itself. (180)

when we are subjected to a power mechanism, this subjection is always and by definition sustained by some libidinal investment: the subjection itself generates a surplus-enjoyment of its own. this subjection is embodied in a network of „material“ bodily practices, and for this reason, we cannot get rid of our subjection through a merely intellectual reflection. our liberation has to be staged in some kind of bodily performance, and, furthermore, this performance has to be of an apparently „masochistic“ nature; it has to stage the painful process of hitting back at oneself. (183 f.)

(žižek: an ethical plea for lies and masochism. in: lacan and contemporary film, ed. mcgowan/kunkle)


  1. sarah said...
  2. actually, i'm quite surprised you didn't notice it yet.
    the seasoning reason.
    watch out for little neukölln school kids. they quite often eat the noodles. without water. just like that. like crisps.
    have tried it myself. they taste, those noodles. not in a very special or impressing way, but at least a - kind of - taste. go ahead! run the risk ...
    you probably just haven't lived long enough in our neighbourhood to notice.
    or were you joking, and i just didn't get the joke?

  3. Karlotta said...
  4. whoah, thank you, that explains a lot. but kind of destroyed all the wonderful stories i made up in my mind.
    must find new wonderobject now.