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Posted: Monday, 29 September 2008 | Posted by k | Labels: ,

truth be told: i am exhausted. period.

handed in bachelorette paper today after meticulous printing, checking and binding. topped only by the fear that tomorrow's last chance of enrolment would be sheer horror which surprisingly enough isn't the case. so fingers crossed i am all new studenty darling wednesday.

my self-prescribed therapy of the week is spending at least 1 hour a day outside, preferably walking. yesterday and today i did just that and it's lovely. today i came across a tree at urbanhafen that looks like an art installation but i don't know. all sorts of things - clothes, bags, shoes, cups, bottles - hang there and it seems disturbingly forlorn. at one point i really should get myself a camera ...

ha! just killed a fruit fly!

and, found one falafel place that actually has superb falafel on sonnenallee, not those shabby thingys they try selling you everywhere for a ridiculously overpriced sum.

desktop looks almost clean again. yeah - get rid of the old work, because - yay - i need to write another paper.

but, on a lighter picture - am at the moment about to maybe find a concept for a new film and am very excited about that but i can't say more now. will also start drawing again when all this "vacation-business" is over and the new semester starts. re that - what courses i will actually attend i need to think about as well.

finished that book: and i loved it! the language!! wowowowow. and finished that: and that i actually found it quite the stunning experience was not to be expected. and i started that: and am intrigued by the first death ...

so, yes, pretty busy doing things that calm me down.