i basically took this post from the whoracle of delphi - miss vaginal davis

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sorry miss davis, but your latest post is just too nice to not be fully quoted here. how i love your blog!
my deepest adoration is with you and your insights :)

The lure of the negresse is her adeptness at the sexual arts. She represents danger, a sexual passion capable of satiation and consumption, the literal siphoning off of life through the draining of precious seminal liquor.
Thats basically what my hot, enormously hung German lover told me recently. Well, not exactly in such poetic terms. His big white Nina Blanchard panties are all in a bunch because his wife and I get along better then i do with him.
His spouse is very worldly, and is not troubled in the least by my affair with her husband. They have two small children, and frankly she is only married to him because he gave her pretty babies, and is independently wealthy, so she lives a secure lifestyle. When i first met him i told him i could only be with him if his wife knew about us. He just wanted to carry on behind her back in a traditional melodramatic manner. He is only 28 years old, and i am 400 which makes me too old to be somebodies mistress. So i boldly marched up to his Mrs and told her everything, and without missing a beat, she gave me her blessings.
I am only interested in him because of that giant lug between his legs. The man genitals are beyond impressive. His personality is a bit stilted in that stereotypical teutonic fashion.
Lately he´s gotten all weirded out by the unconventional nature of the relationships. I keep telling him, "well lets end it then." He doesn´t want to do that either, as he´s now too wrapped up in the Doll, and her race horse arse. I think i have properly assmatized him.
With these European men you have to give them a little then pull back. It drives them gnuts. Enough about my love life, i can´t believe i´ve been this revealing.
A reader from Boston wrote congragulating my scoop on the relationship of movie ingenue Anne Hathaway(The Devil Wears Prada) and her no account playboy embezzler ex-beau Raffaello Fallieri. If you remember, i broke the story of their initial pairing here in this very blog. I also said that Mr. Fallieri was a crook and hornpiglet. I knew this firsthand from my own dealings with him sniffing at my gnarly hole years ago in New York. A few mainstream new sources actually gave me some credit for breaking the story which was nice and certainly unexpected.
I also predicted this international global financial crises back when i was still living in Los Angeles. My lady intuition is always spot on. I inherited my Daisy Gamble powers from my Louisiana born Creole mother.
Are you ready for some more beheading of the prophet? Well i am going to give it to you whether you want to hear it or not. Here goes: The US will plunge even deeper into a depression. Not like the one in the 1930s, this one will be different but equally devastating. The Republicans will win the presidency. McCain will die in office, and Ms. Palin will become the first fremale president. If by chance by prediction is in-correct, and Obama wins. Senator McCain will still kick the proverbial bucket and Mr. Obama will be assassinated six months into office.
As the Whoracle of Delphi i only bring misfortune telling.

well, now that i think about it. it's the second post in a row in which i was not the author. huch ...

i am all bad-car-maed these days and all blurry-minded and depersonalized, somehow.

but i am going to see the previewing rehearsal of sebastian baumgarten's 'requiem' at komische oper tomorrow which is good and to gossip a little: said baumgarten knicked his spouse kati angerer 'with her fat ass' off the stage because she refused to act properly or better according to his plan. maybe frank can help. well, but i like mozart's 'requiem' a lot so it's gonna be all melting in my chair. well, or the rest of it. dies irae.

re that - i got my admissions - BUT only after i've called them and they realized they've FORGOTTEN me!

thesis is 'done' since a couple of days and now runs meticulous re-re-re-reading by brave readers.

ah, not enough, that arte.tv's quiz 'which european playwright are you?' told me i was sarte, no, m. at tonight's get together at r.'s flat said that my new haircut makes me all existentialistttty. wow.

and! eventually got me some more chains for hanging the catharsis :)