bachelorette vids - real death and virtual death threats

Posted: Tuesday, 9 September 2008 | Posted by k | Labels:

how the "anonymous" feeling we have online has an influence on how we behave.


  1. Sascha said...
  2. du scheinst oft deine zeit vor den videos in der küche zu verbringen, oder? siehst du denn so doof aus, als könntest du runterfallen? wie viel sinn macht es eigentlich, seine letzte verbliebene lebenszeit mit der ba-arbeit zuzubringen, wenn uns bald die vielen schwarzen löcher entmaterialisieren? ist so ein video ein stück weit auch so was wie eine entmaterialisierung?
    ahahahaha, das ist falsch (glaube ich), ich habe nämlich mal gehört, dass stürze aus geringer höhe gefährlicher sind als aus hoher höhe (oder so). was ich zu einem von der vorherigen video noch bemerken wollte: ich hatte das gefühl, dass du an einer stelle in gedanken versunken warst (da hast du in irgendeine ecke geschaut) und dann hast du plötzlich auf den bildschirm geschaut, als wäre dir da erst wieder klar geworden: oh, ich mache eine video. für leute. die sich das ansehen können/wollen/müssen/würfen. lasse ich erstmal kommentarlos stehen.
    das mit den krocker-kommentaren ist ja krass. aber das ist eine sache, die mich schon seit längerem zum nachdenken anregt: inwiefern lässt das internet persönliche hürden fallen (ist ja auch so eine sache bei "dates")? der aspekt der eigenen zensur über kommentare, denen ich mich an sich dann ja bei youtube ganz offen stelle, ist interessant.
    zu müde für mehr "intelligente" gedanken... und ich muss mich mal ums scheitern kümmern... ich habe langsam keinen bock mehr... aber bald kommt ja eh das schwarze loch...

  3. sarah said...
  4. well. i'll give it a try.
    your video made me think about different things. first of all it made me think in english. which is something i actually do quite often. but it made me ask myself why i do so, and why talking about your thoughts is easier in english for me. no real conclusion to that. but even when i'm "really" talking in english i often find myself saying things i wouldn't normally say. even feel like a different person. different "me". in english.

  5. sarah said...
  6. second thing is that this anonymity on the net makes conversations possible for me with persons i don't actually talk to so much in "real" life. a bit like with you. as i read your thoughts quite regularily i feel like i know you much better than i actually do. somehow.
    and that last thought made me ask myself in how far i want to leave this anonymity in a way by sharing my own thoughts with potentially the whole net here.
    so i decided i'd rather have a coffee with you and go on actually talking.
    so your video made me reflect on myself and analyse my thoughts. that's something.
    did i make any sense?

  7. Karlotta said...
  8. yes, i go and get inspiration in the kitchen.
    funny you would say that thingy about the last time living. in fact, this strange mood i am in, made me think that these videos are really odd and a kind of forget-me-not. like leaving traces. it is a bit scary.
    yes, and the "entmaterialisierung"-thingy: in fact, the gender video i took several times and photo booth really sucked. then i decided for the one take that was actually "wholly" there. but i thought i was also recording me talking about two or more "real" bodies that would never "really" meet, but just virtually. and how that has consequences.

    re. virtually, i was also speaking about (well, and it was not recorded) the word "virtual" which can say many things, one of them "wirklich". and wirklich is such a wonderful word if you're looking at it. "wirken" understood as something sensual or something you can feel with your body. it's interesting i think that one would have that component to "virtual".

    sometimes, i forget that i am doing it for other people (too). maybe that is why i am in such a strange mood. i am spending too much time with some me. it's such a weird experience. and actually, what sarah writes about the knowing me better through my blog i guess i also came to know "myself" better (or worse).

    i guess that the internet makes many things seem a lot more possible. a lot. and i have a feeling it has something to do with that "when you come near to me, i go away" (sorry vincent) - it's hard to differ between what's too close and what's quite alright when you cannot rely your judgement on any physical reaction or contact. maybe, well, positively, reaction. but not contact i presume. in one video i decided against uploading i was talking about that sometimes, online, i feel exactly the same as when i am on vacation. i let thoughts or whatever "action" come out of me without much considering the consequences. because i'll be gone again. sadly enough. but also happily enough because vacation makes me feel good.

    speaking of bock. mine has trouble, too.

    re: "talking in english i often find myself saying things i wouldn't normally say. even feel like a different person. different "me". in english." i soooo second that. it is so weird. so.

    let's have coffee then :)