bachelorette vids - gender.leaves.me.unfocused

Posted: Thursday, 11 September 2008 | Posted by k | Labels:

on gender online.


  1. sarah said...
  2. i like that. dynamic ... but you seem kind of - frightened. like haunted. - especially in those few seconds when you don't talk and just look besides. somehow was really exciting for me. wanted to see/hear what was going on. but haunted confusion fits the topic. doesn't it. matching visuality. nice. really appreciate that mise-en-scene!

  3. Anonymous said...
  4. outside vids win so hard, but I couldn't imagine myself doing that. whatcha wanna do if someone comes along? oh ... there ARE people walking by, lawl (typed this while still watching)

    people on the interwebz always think I'm a gurl for reasons unknown to me (I never set my gender on message-boards) ... and whenever I post pix, they'd say I look like Maggy Gyllenhal. But urite: whatabout those ticking boxes

    [ ] male
    [ ] female

    in online stores and stuff?
    gender facist ...
    I demand [ ] ? boxes

    Still don't get that Crocker-guy, and since my old "Chris, go to hell and die of superAIDS" (or other way around, I forgot)-joke is obviously a no go around here, I'll simply close with: LOL @ the kid yelling MUMMY!! at the end