e. is there

Posted: Wednesday, 30 July 2008 | Posted by k | Labels: , , ,

he's there! he's there! little e. has joined the world yesterday morning at five o'clock. all my love to l. and j. and little e.

now, what i want to post is this by know hope. and that's it.

some things are really almost ready.
and h. herz' voice reminds me of reni the voice. two posts back therefore gets an addition: imagine "h. herz und der trommler" with a michel chion like soundscape that reveberates like reni's. wow. and the drums' frum drumming from next door. which is no longer there. but there is still this huge pile of rubbish and old furniture in this courtyard and i wonder whether i should ask if it'd be okay to put mine which i, to absolutely shocking reactions from my neighbours placed on the street. now, i don't want to get fined, right.

went to bkk again yesterday and hereby officially declare it a very nice pub.

and i found that louise bourgeois said something very interesting on mirrors (on eyes and mirrors 1989-93 i presume): "reality changes with each new angle. mirrors can be seen as a vanity, but that is not at all their meaning. the act of looking into a mirror is really about having the courage it takes to look at yourself and really face yourself." (tate catalogue p.76). that goes very well in a direction i support.

now, am i going to make great big (w)holes of (literate) history, saying bookshelf holding, or not?