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l and i have been doing this audio-walk-installation during the first time ever hörspielfest altzella . we made a lot of signs in the park and sent people equipped with an mp3-player and a little leaflet to spend some time walking. at those signs we encouraged them (before) to stop and pause the sound collage and to just listen what sounds they could hear without any artificial background at all (meaning our sound collage). anyways, there were also a lot of 'actions' they could do at those spots like yelling, singing, hugging a tree, writing down things they would never want to say or hear, finding such papers and reading them aloud. it was lovely to see how many people came back and listen to what they said about it. from "it was too much, i couldn't listen" to "it was relaxing" to "i felt like a blind person" to "it made me think" there was a wide range of opinion. we liked to be there and here you can walk'n'hear (well, maybe not the walking side of things, but still, ah, and don't be irritated, just wait)

unknown members of schwarzesnossen did a trip to the countryside:

i started moving :)