Between Two Walls

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Between Two Walls
July 2011

Between two walls, facing a third one. Behind me is darkness. Your hands are caressing the stones. These cold ones. Right next to my shoulders. Softly, oh so softly, your thumbs, I presume, work on their flesh. Your eyes, piercing into the wall in front of us, suddenly it is us. Your feet, balancing on the same thin wall. Us, there, between these two walls. And you, I hear you saying how you love my body. And the walls grow tighter. And you keep caressing the stones. And my eyes. Yes. And my smell. Yes. And the walls grow tighter. Yes. And me, then, when the night is making the stone alive enough to hear and speak, then, when the placid whispers are leaving you. Yes. Alone. Then you love me. Without dividing me into stones making up this brick wall you see. But yes, right, you see a wall you think is me (forgivable given the circumstances), right. And so whole it seems. Mortar, caress the mortar, too. It is keeping us together and walls in place.