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Posted: Tuesday, 21 October 2008 | Posted by k | Labels: , , ,

yes, today is the day i will quit smoking again :) so, pretty please, pressure from all sides ... bear/bare with me should i find it unbearably hard and fail (oh, that is naughty, maybe i should fail). well, i'll have sweetie darling to smoke for me, looking quite a lot more exciting doing it than i ever could anyways ...

as for the many other overwhelmingly exciting things happening, it's too many of them, i can't tell.

my washing powder got stuck in the slot. if that is interesting.

i was on the phone with one lady right now who told me i am supposed to have technicians around today, although that was never scheduled. how lovely. they're doing the buzzer.

saw striptease with nico. she was gorgeous and serge did a wonderful soundtrack to it. a. was all melting next to me and is now about to learn how she moves for that one dance at the end ...

since i recorded the ghosts of the reading i did with the last books here are the latest:
the world according to garp oh, i liked it, i guess. although it has this wooden quality of language a lot of times and seemed very 'easy'. interesting for me whom i love to pick quotes or underline things for later reference, i was only at rare points able to do that with garp. i rather think it is a certain atmosphere transported or story told, in simplicity and with no big fondling around with language, which i realize, is also just another way of using language, and it definitely fit. so maybe actually i am not really thrilled. but at least, after two trials on the irving-front i finished one and hadn't stopped reading after 50 pages. well well.
and i did something very enjoyable which was getting anne of green gables, thanks to j., and hach, isn't it just lovely to see such a melodramatic, tragic child? i love it and started the second novel ... reminds me ever so much of nesthäkchen and trotzkopf and makes me wonder whether i should not be a little too old for it ... well, but there is the arden hamelt waiting on my shelf and still some light reading aka proust which i think will be a splendid winter-read.
i also to the second third read in watermelon sugar by richard brautigan :)

wow, a lot.

i am also thrilled about the fact that i need to proofread texts and that there is material for seminars about to fill my head with fresh ideas.

re the filling. i added the literature part after 5 hours or so. i feel that my head wants to smoke. but i won't give in and allow myself 3 days of giving in to other temptations like chocolate. and i will go and have a walk. now that i missed the one seminar i am actually interested in because of waiting for the technician who, once here, only told me that it was a problem with the whole house and that there would be another date scheduled. grrrr.


  1. Anonymous said...
  2. don't smoke
    don't smoke
    don't smoke

    D S !
    O M !
    N O !
    ' K !
    T E !

    s'that good?

    oh and


    agyness ftw!
    smokes ftl!

    mind that!


  3. Karlotta said...
  4. easy to say, really.

    but well, since i am attacked by this major virus i can't really think smoking nice at this point. and in fact, it's going to be one whole week tomorrow. proud clapping on my back :)

  5. d.m. said...
  6. also ich hoffe mal, du hast es nicht durchgehalten... denn rauchen ist GUT! GUUUUUT! GUUUUT!

  7. Kristin said...
  8. d.m. sie sind vei a böser baslar. natürlich muss ich durchhalten und natürlich weiß ich, dass rauchen gut ist. deswegen muss ich ja aufhören, erstmal, wegen des thrills.
    áde monsieur