Posted: Friday, 1 August 2008 | Posted by k | Labels: ,

i discovered the yiddish slang for blowjob which is "metzitza bapey" here.

it finally rains. finally.

painted white walls white today. no white is the same as any other white. it's tight white right. how do i come to think of reza abdoh now? well, anyways.

first day of being busy for bachelor officially passes in 45 minutes. i have watched some more videos which counts as preparation, fortunately :)

only two boxes left to unpack. i have a very organized flat, happy me.

and e. today has spoken to me on the phone and said "hallo grissieh" which is very good considering that he is only 4 days old. i am so proud of l. and j. and happy for them i could cry.

the other things i did are very exciting, too, but that is understandable, i moved to a "hip" place - have wireless internet now! have hoped for rain all day long! have started working on a powerpoint presentation that i got to do for university and guess what, it's about my new flat...! have taken down the organic rubbish! have unpacked cds!

very good indeed.