wholly excited about the circus in me

Posted: Wednesday, 20 August 2008 | Posted by k | Labels:

wow - as you may hear, there is music now.
found out how to do that while browsing the web for work and finding too many inappropriate things. how can i neglect the fact that the photographers i know of only do naughty pieces?

extraordinary good mood.
creativity brought with it one whole new song. wow.
very much am looking forward to rehearsal tomorrow.
weekend brought with it sore hand, throat and chin.

see the people sitting over there. i want to kiss and touch them everywhere. not because i really care. no, i wouldn't dare.
but still.

feeling good, but i already mentioned that,
did in fact also read for bachelorette-paper. very good.

had too much wine.

is it not phantastic that one letter can be put in the back of your mind just because of another one? but s says i shouldn't think of being healed.

wow - what a very interesting post :)