déja vus

Posted: Monday, 4 August 2008 | Posted by k | Labels:

i am in a very bad mood. very bad.

fuck powerpoint. like really very much the way it hates to be fucked. and then multiply your fucking efforts by thousand. fuck again. see if it whines. if it does, again. only not if powerpoint has a masochistic tendency. then just leave it rotting away with its need to be fucked really hard and eat icescream or make love with keynote.

okay, good.

well, fuck the thickness of chains.

fuck bad mooded people.

fuck pigeons.

fuck minions who seemingly left one electronic device on while going away that beeps every five seconds. then realize this minion is yourself and find that your fucking phone searches its base which it can't have because it's not connected to the fucking landline.

very bad.

told you so.