bachelorette vids - early on self-analysis

Posted: Thursday, 28 August 2008 | Posted by k | Labels:

on me touching my face, talking in english, my voice and many other relevant things.


  1. Anonymous said...
  2. shameless self-promotion FTW!

    once I started talking English to ma flatmate, we couldn't stop ... now we're the sole English speaking flat share of German origin 'round here ... English is great to hide behind, I love making presentations in English (which is why I tend to chose international seminars in my 2nd major (my first being already in English) ... well, I can't do that in German, I'd feel utterly nekkid)

    also: I guess it's "register" rather than frequency ... I'm just proving that it's another smarty-pants comment

  3. Karlotta said...
  4. well, trained eyes (like you know, those bad bad theatre studies), right. lol. it's okay, i don't need to stick to one role and really be into it. i can do that. i perform a self-analysis. yes, i can.

    i first thought, talking in english was some kind of thing coming with maybe having had too much to drink. but it's most surely not.
    it feels like safe or whatever.
    but just so that one doesn't feel naked? i am really not sure. not. but it's like safe territory for me i guess (haha, especially with the 'registering'), saying, it doesn't belong to me, i shan't be the one to defend it or me, shamelessly using it.

    thanks smarty (:)P will 'register' it.

  5. Anonymous said...
  6. you totally look like young Elvis in that pic of yrs (yep, the one next to yr reply)