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how i love antony and the johnsons. when i used to have a music section on the right they've been the only ones. does that qualify for a whole section? i wasn't sure. but just right now it's lovely, echoes through the flat from kitchen to here. have i mentioned that i love my blue?
ikea was funny enough yesterday, i payed 88,88 EUR and thought that very precise shopping. well.

and i picked up writing the paper on hydra's traces when in fact i should write my bachelor thesis. at the moment it's hard enough to concentrate (heat anyone? please, why was there no rain yesterday? bet it's going to rain tomorrow night, though, why not, wet marwell is as sexy as dry. haha. come to ladyfest and hear us play), and for i don't know, getting in the mood to write i read derrida and it helps. and i will get the second part of die postkarte later that week. i am thrilled. it's beautiful. it must be, right, because if it is the only thing i find the will and love to deal with at the moment it must be very special. wouldn't it be great to receive such notes, such exchange with somebody like him. sometimes i am just so umpf to not be a little older or young in another time.
speaking of that (haha) the dying animal is going to be made a movie, i didn't know that. ben kingsley and penelope cruz. wow. well, let's see. i liked the book so much, it could be hard.

one very positive aspect of living here now is that i learn a lot of swear words. it's great. a whole new package of communicational skills. maybe t.'s proposition to d. to have anti-violent-communication-courses could come in handy. but it's good. it's another way, but i can understand why the people of ernst busch decided on placing the ivy-toweresque arty lovebees in that industrial, working zone. or not? well, in a way everything is okay.

takes 30-40 minutes by bike to uni. that's good news. did that  yesterday (bright as always, to pick the hottest day).

imagine that - i have got tickets to four shows of tanz im august.