bachelorette vids - early on self-analysis

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on me touching my face, talking in english, my voice and many other relevant things.

bachelorette vids - mirrored identities

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on mirrors, lacan, identity, chris crocker, degavabu, virtual knowledge of a person.

please let me know what you think.
pretty please.

bachelorette vids - virtual traces of thinking procedure

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on derrida, jean-luc nancy, chris crocker, traces, walking, kleist

bachelorette vids - waiting

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i decided to vlog while i am on writing my bachelorette paper. let's see how that goes. probably it gets more theoretically relevant than this one. but as i am writing on production and reception of identity on the internet it must be relevant already.


new pics

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just wanted to let you know that my latest work can be seen here
and this is how i can look, too.

wholly excited about the circus in me

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wow - as you may hear, there is music now.
found out how to do that while browsing the web for work and finding too many inappropriate things. how can i neglect the fact that the photographers i know of only do naughty pieces?

extraordinary good mood.
creativity brought with it one whole new song. wow.
very much am looking forward to rehearsal tomorrow.
weekend brought with it sore hand, throat and chin.

see the people sitting over there. i want to kiss and touch them everywhere. not because i really care. no, i wouldn't dare.
but still.

feeling good, but i already mentioned that,
did in fact also read for bachelorette-paper. very good.

had too much wine.

is it not phantastic that one letter can be put in the back of your mind just because of another one? but s says i shouldn't think of being healed.

wow - what a very interesting post :)


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how i love antony and the johnsons. when i used to have a music section on the right they've been the only ones. does that qualify for a whole section? i wasn't sure. but just right now it's lovely, echoes through the flat from kitchen to here. have i mentioned that i love my blue?
ikea was funny enough yesterday, i payed 88,88 EUR and thought that very precise shopping. well.

and i picked up writing the paper on hydra's traces when in fact i should write my bachelor thesis. at the moment it's hard enough to concentrate (heat anyone? please, why was there no rain yesterday? bet it's going to rain tomorrow night, though, why not, wet marwell is as sexy as dry. haha. come to ladyfest and hear us play), and for i don't know, getting in the mood to write i read derrida and it helps. and i will get the second part of die postkarte later that week. i am thrilled. it's beautiful. it must be, right, because if it is the only thing i find the will and love to deal with at the moment it must be very special. wouldn't it be great to receive such notes, such exchange with somebody like him. sometimes i am just so umpf to not be a little older or young in another time.
speaking of that (haha) the dying animal is going to be made a movie, i didn't know that. ben kingsley and penelope cruz. wow. well, let's see. i liked the book so much, it could be hard.

one very positive aspect of living here now is that i learn a lot of swear words. it's great. a whole new package of communicational skills. maybe t.'s proposition to d. to have anti-violent-communication-courses could come in handy. but it's good. it's another way, but i can understand why the people of ernst busch decided on placing the ivy-toweresque arty lovebees in that industrial, working zone. or not? well, in a way everything is okay.

takes 30-40 minutes by bike to uni. that's good news. did that  yesterday (bright as always, to pick the hottest day).

imagine that - i have got tickets to four shows of tanz im august.

how i feel (not)

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by slava mogutin

by know hope

déja vus

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i am in a very bad mood. very bad.

fuck powerpoint. like really very much the way it hates to be fucked. and then multiply your fucking efforts by thousand. fuck again. see if it whines. if it does, again. only not if powerpoint has a masochistic tendency. then just leave it rotting away with its need to be fucked really hard and eat icescream or make love with keynote.

okay, good.

well, fuck the thickness of chains.

fuck bad mooded people.

fuck pigeons.

fuck minions who seemingly left one electronic device on while going away that beeps every five seconds. then realize this minion is yourself and find that your fucking phone searches its base which it can't have because it's not connected to the fucking landline.

very bad.

told you so.


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i discovered the yiddish slang for blowjob which is "metzitza bapey" here.

it finally rains. finally.

painted white walls white today. no white is the same as any other white. it's tight white right. how do i come to think of reza abdoh now? well, anyways.

first day of being busy for bachelor officially passes in 45 minutes. i have watched some more videos which counts as preparation, fortunately :)

only two boxes left to unpack. i have a very organized flat, happy me.

and e. today has spoken to me on the phone and said "hallo grissieh" which is very good considering that he is only 4 days old. i am so proud of l. and j. and happy for them i could cry.

the other things i did are very exciting, too, but that is understandable, i moved to a "hip" place - have wireless internet now! have hoped for rain all day long! have started working on a powerpoint presentation that i got to do for university and guess what, it's about my new flat...! have taken down the organic rubbish! have unpacked cds!

very good indeed.