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in my very little ear
there is the voice
the voice i hear

and in my little heart
there is a solid wall
a solid little wall and hard

and on this solid little wall
there sits a bird
a bird screams: "fall"


and oddly relieved i feel
when i hear i don't see
don't see how you seal

how you seal of your own
your own little heart
and my heart again alone

and the little bird still sings
and sings and wants to fly
and sitting i will be on its wings


food art and maximalized minimal pleasure

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incidentally, i really like that stuff, otherwise i wouldn't have posted.


yesterday must have been one extraordinary day. i went to see a performance and i adored it! long time no see. it was a concert performance installation of art collective lose combo called braun light and it merged heiner müller's bildbeschreibung, morton feldman's why patterns? and a sound- and lightscape of transcendent quality. we sat in a big square room that had an upperfloor gallery where light patterns haunted the air. wooden chairs were placed loosely around a rather big box made of copper through which you could also walk and see the performers sitting inside behind woven copper. a huge wall was used as a projection screen that also mirrored in the box's surface. additionally there have been the musicians of trio nexus - piano, flute and percussion. it was beautiful beyond belief. sitting there in a strange untimed time and letting the images slowly come and leave. the installation wanted so little of me, that's how i felt. it gave options and let me be. i often closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds or would find myself being drawn into blurred lightpatterns in the box's surface. it was seductive in a sense that it, be it the music, the sounds, the light or the reading voices, cracked open something inside me that is rarely seen by myself - i let myself be. in a sense i was floating in a sea of associations that conquered a strangely timeless or other-timed space. all that was done had a quality of just being there, emerging and going without necessarily forcing me to attach some kind of meaning or representational form of thought. now, that is something exciting! i loved it.


now something that sounds so very important i always had the urge to say or write it: i started shooting my new film. the working title is eiszeit. can't say more now but i am really excited.