bachelorette vids - lipstick as strategy of mise-en-scene

Posted: Tuesday, 2 September 2008 | Posted by k | Labels:

on lipstick basically. and how one might use filmic strategies for one's videos.

thank you all for your comments.


  1. Sascha said...
  2. I. ich finde es irgendwie "heiß", wie du sssascha sagst.
    II. heiß nummer 2: du mit lippenstift. mir gefällt das.
    III. du bist heute in dem video meines erachtens lockerer. was ich sehr mag. habe mich gerade eben ein wenig in deiner stimme verloren.
    IV. a? ja. hm. sprachkurs...
    V. du lachst mehr.
    VI. ja, das mit dem haar ist gut.
    VII. der lippenstift gefällt mir wirklich gut.
    VIII. interessante ich-veränderung: hintergrund unterstreicht edel. gesten sind lippenstift angepasst. im ganzen weiblicher, reizender...

    aufgabe nr. 3 (irgendwie finde ich das geil, über dich bestimmen zu können...): zieh den glitzer-pullover aus nottingham an.

  3. Karlotta said...
  4. well well then.
    so, i am heiß. great. very serious heiß-ness is foundation for serious dealing with the topics at hand (right now something in the oven, cus me needs food at points)

    i don't know, it makes me very different.

    yes, i was lockerer because i didn't really said something more than lipstick-thingys. or i was because i felt so confident with the lipstick. or my position.

    i am laughing, right.

    i thought, btw that the colour of me eyes changed whoa, like with the ninth gate emmanuelle seigner - eyes.

    okay, i'll be sarah connor. dammit i need that video (re that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U9nq7xwzNw)

    anybody else some tasks? i am wholly there to please.

  5. ROSA E OLIVIER said...
  6. Nun blinkern auf der See.O, dreimal höchste Macht,
    Erleuchte den, der sich jetzt beugt vor deinen Füben!...!?...salut!

  7. Anonymous said...
  8. a.) red lipsticks taste yummy
    b.) did "certain movie" have a bunny?
    c.) that rhymes ... how funny
    d.) this line doesn't

  9. Karlotta said...
  10. "Nun blinkern auf der See.O, dreimal höchste Macht,
    Erleuchte den, der sich jetzt beugt vor deinen Füben!...!?...salut!" i don't get it. but salut anyways. and bad is spamming. very.

    1. some do, yes.
    2. it had red circles. and a mother and lightbulbs around a job offer. no c (but this letter plus what rhymes with otting), but s.
    3. this doesn't. so not funny.
    4. lol.

  11. Martin said...
  12. Haha. I really did enjoy the lipstick. Or maybe the lipsticked projection of you, to be more precise. =) I wasn't aware that it can make such a big difference even in b/w movies. I guess I never saw you wearing lipstick before. I'm probably wrong...

    You've got a great smile. I like it. Why that uncertainty about your hair? It's wonderful.

  13. Karlotta said...
  14. me_s take_s that as a compliment.