bachelorette vids - late night randomness

Posted: Friday, 5 September 2008 | Posted by k | Labels: , ,

well, this is so going to be wholly different than the others :)

on random things like countryside love, swollen balls (that were not his: http://www.gayromeo.com/leatherchapsbln but two guesses on who that is. the one who says it first, gets a chance to be the one this paper is dedicated to (if you're sure, it will pretty much be a lot of fun for you to check out this: ... well, i can't really say it here. too naughty. hihi. but i am so very much in the mood to share, so send me a message. hint: ). for obvious reasons l. is not allowed to say it, sorry), musicals, and anonymous hair.
let's face it. all of it.